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Accuracy of Intraoperative Wavefront Aberrometry for IOL Selection in Post-LASIK Eyes

Dan B. Tran, MD, United States

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About the Presenter:
Dr. Dan Tran is a leading vision correction surgeon and pioneer in the latest
technology used today. With more than 20,000 procedures completed, Dr. Tran
is highly respected by his colleagues and is a trusted choice for vision correction.
Education and experience in both engineering and medicine are what make
Dr. Tran an expert in technology. Dr. Tran is the first surgeon in the world to
use a commercial IntraLase laser to perform All Laser LASIK procedures. This
technology is now the Standard of Care for the field of laser vision correction,
and is used by all TLC surgeons in California.
Dr. Tran combines the IntraLase laser with Custom LASIK to deliver a
clear picture of what his patients see, to achieve superior visual outcomes.
Studies have shown that Dr. Tranís combination increases a patientís chance
to achieve vision results of 20/20 or better. The All-Laser LASIK
procedure is so precise, that it has been approved by NASA for use
on U.S. astronauts.
Dr. Tran is also the first surgeon in the world to
combine the commercial use of IntraLase technology
with intracorneal rings (Intacsô) to treat patients with
keratoconus, a disorder that leads to a loss of vision
in young adults. With his expertise, Dr. Tran has been
instrumental in mentoring other surgeons around the
world about this treatment.
Dr. Dan Tran also helps his patients significantly
reduce their dependence on reading glasses, with a
great degree of precision, as one of the few surgeons
in the world to use the latest in technology for
presbyopia correction. He is a clinical investigator
and serves on the medical advisory board for
ReVision Optics, Inc. and WaveTec Vision Systems,
Inc. to develop and improve the technologies involved
in presbyopia correction surgery.
Dr. Tranís commitment to excellence and love for
vision correction is reflected in everything he does.
Eye doctors, physicians, and executives alike have
chosen Dr. Tran for his skill and expertise. Dr. Dan
Tran takes great pleasure in restoring vision for his
patients, family, and friends. He looks forward to
personally taking care of you.

Tran, Dan B.

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